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Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed
discusses what is truly important (perhaps a little hyperbole) in the world of pop culture in an entertaining and informative style. Author Brian Cronin carefully researches each topic from a pool of reader suggestions. In issue 114, several items are discussed that will be of interest to Dark Forcians.

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Bernie Wrightson once thought he had some sort of disease due to the paint brush he was using.



COMIC URBAN LEGEND: DC had to change the name of their Helix line of comic books because of the Shadowrun role playing game.


and the coup de grace:

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: Disney once had a series of Mickey Mouse comic strips depicting Mickey trying various ways of killing himself.


BE WARNED: If this is your first time to look over the Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed archive, be ready to be amazed while wasting several hours.